Is Tap Water Safe for Pets?

Is tap water safe to drink for pets?

Pets provide love and companionship. They quickly become part of our family. Like other family members, they need water to survive. You may not have thought much about the water you give your pet until now.

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink in Florida?

Is Florida tap water safe to drink?

If you recently moved to Florida and have been drinking tap water, you may be wondering if Florida tap water is safe to drink. Perhaps your tap water has an odor and taste that isn’t exactly pleasant. Long-term Florida residents have probably noticed that the smell and taste of tap water vary throughout the state.

The Dangers of Chlorine and Chloramine in Your Water

The Dangers of Chlorine and Chloramine in Your Water

Choosing a Healthy Alternative to Chlorinated Water Water from private companies may contain chlorine or chloramines to disinfect the supply during transmission, but that does not mean they must remain in a home’s drinking water. Technological advances in whole house water filter concepts allow the removal of harmful contaminants and a great improvement in quality. […]