How Salt-Free Softeners Work with TAC Media

Salt-Free Water Softener with TAC Media

Hard water is characterized by its high concentration of dissolved minerals, primarily calcium and magnesium ions. When hard water passes through pipes, appliances, and surfaces, these minerals tend to form mineral deposits or “scale.” Over time, this scaling can lead to reduced water flow, damage to appliances, and increased energy consumption. Traditional salt-based water softeners are designed to address this issue.

What to Do During a Boil Water Notice

What to Do During a Boil Water Notice

A boil water notice (BWN), sometimes referred to as a boil water advisory, is a notice issued by your city water system advising you to boil your drinking water for safety purposes. BWNs are issued anytime there is a possibility that the water being delivered to you might be contaminated with cryptosporidium, Legionella, E. coli, or other disease-causing germs and pathogens.

What Do Whole House Filters Address?

What Do Whole House Filters Remove?

To promote health and well-being, drinking water must be as pure and contaminant-free as possible. However, not all water sources are the same, and some contain more contaminants and disease-causing bacteria than others. When that is the case, the water must be filtered, and the best way to do that is with a whole-house water filter.

How Does a UV Disinfection System Work?

UV Disinfection System

UV disinfection systems are designed to destroy contaminants at the microbial level without the use of harmful or toxic chemicals. They provide an additional level of protection and security by eliminating microorganisms that are able to survive chlorine treatments, such as cryptosporidium and giardia. UV disinfection systems are able to destroy as much as 99.9 percent of bacteria and other microorganisms.

Filtering PFAS, PFOA & PFOS in Your Home

Filtering PFAS, PFOA & PFOS in Your Home

PFASs have been used for decades in the manufacture of ordinary household products like cleaning supplies, fingernail polish, and pesticides. Industries that relied on them included electronics, construction, and aerospace as well as the military. They have also been used in the production of firefighting foam used to extinguish petroleum-based fires at refineries, airports, and chemical manufacturing plants.

Is Tap Water Safe for Pets?

Is tap water safe to drink for pets?

Pets provide love and companionship. They quickly become part of our family. Like other family members, they need water to survive. You may not have thought much about the water you give your pet until now.

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink in Florida?

Is Florida tap water safe to drink?

If you recently moved to Florida and have been drinking tap water, you may be wondering if Florida tap water is safe to drink. Perhaps your tap water has an odor and taste that isn’t exactly pleasant. Long-term Florida residents have probably noticed that the smell and taste of tap water vary throughout the state.

7 Problems with Tank-Style Water Systems

7 Problems with Tank-Style Water Systems

Here are 7 good reasons to choose Kind. See what makes us different from our competitors. Difficult and Costly Installation Pressure Loss & Flow Rate Difficult Filter Changes Carbon Fines or Carbon Dust Bacteria Growth in “GAC” Loose Carbon Bed Only Filters Chlorine Channeling 1. Difficult and Costly Installation The Problem Tank-style filters can often […]

What are the differences between a salt-based and salt-free water softener?

Difference Between Salt-Based and Salt-Free Water Softeners

Identifying Five Essential Differences between Saltless and Salt-based Water Softeners Significant differences between salt-free and salt-based water softeners make it easier to contrast rather than compare them. On issues that matter the most to homeowners, especially the one who takes care of the water softener, the salt-free option ranks higher on every count. Using salt […]

What is a Whole House Water Filter?

What is a Whole House Water Filter?

Protecting Water Quality with a Whole House Water Filter System Even the faintest odor or taste of chlorine can make drinking water unappealing, but community water systems contain the chemical in a quantity that makes it more than discernable. The Centers for Disease Control’s research shows that public water systems use chlorine or less odorous […]